How to Unwind After A Long Day at Work

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We are living in a generation where more and more people are striving towards career-oriented goals, and everyone from young teenagers to moms in their mid 30s are working in their own ways. Workaholics get the runt of the litter though when it comes to overworking themselves. They are so focused on their work; they most often don’t have the time to sit down and catch a breath. 

Burn-out is a real dilemma that one encounters almost on a weekly basis as there is that one day in the week where tasks/errands are piled mountain high without sufficient time. In the process of completing this stressful day on a successful note, you end up burning yourself out. 

On these days, all you can fathom doing, once you get home, is crashing out on the nearest possible piece of furniture you can find. But incorporating a “winding down session” by indulging in a bath with your favourite bath bomb with the help of Bath & Body Works promo codes on these overworked, stressful days will make you feel infinitely better and sleeping with a calm mind will result in you waking up fresher and ready to deal with the next day.

Create a soothing ambience

Tidying up is the last thing you want to do when you reach home tired, but a soothing and calm environment can work wonders on your mood. De-clutter your room and vacate a spot where you can peacefully sit or lie down. Light up some scented candles with your favourite fragrance and feel your mind calming down (tried and tested). Connect your phone to a Bluetooth speaker and play some familiar, soothing tunes that you know will get you in a good mood. 


We know, nobody really has the time to do a full meditation session these days, but once you’ve created that perfect ambience, sit very still and shut down all the tabs whirring in your brain. The reason we sometimes wake up tired even after 10 hours of sleep is because we don’t give our brains the time to shut down. Stop worrying/over thinking/panicking and let your brain take a breather. Do some yoga or stretch your body parts out, let all those tensed muscles loose, unclench your jaw, let your hair free and stop fidgeting. 

Indulge in a long, hot bath

It goes without saying, but there is nothing better than indulging in a long, hot bath after a tiring day. Our stressed-out bodies deserve it. Run a bath with your favourite bath bomb or bath oils and immerse yourself in the soothing, scented water. While you’re at it, you might as well do an entire pamper routine and you will feel so much better for it. Exfoliate that skin and follow up with moisturizing while also massaging those tensed muscles wherever you feel a build-up of tension. You will emerge a fresh, new person after this at-home pamper session with the help of Bath & Body Works promo codes.

Do something you love

Doing something you love, a hobby or daily routine activity, is a fool-proof way to unwind after a tiring day as your body recognizes the activity and calms down. This could be in the form of reading a book, binge-watching a Netflix show, or just listening to some music. Choose a comfortable spot and settle yourself there with some munchies and lose yourself in the hobby.

Refuel yourself

All that work and stress has probably used up all the glucose in your body and left you famished. While you’re unwinding with a hobby, run to the kitchen and make yourself something to eat. You can opt for something hearty and fulfilling or something healthy and light. Chocolate is a great mood-boosting ingredient so maybe just dessert will do too. Finish with a soothing cup of chamomile or mint (any flavour you like) tea because everyone knows there’s nothing a cup of tea can’t fix. 

After that long, unwinding session you’re most likely in the right state of mind to finally go to sleep with a clear and fresh mind. Finish off by switching on the humidifier infused with lavender oil bought with Bath & Body Works promo codes and spraying your pillowcase and bed with a calming/sleeping spray that contains essential oils proven to help you sleep better, and snuggle in your comfortable bed and turn on the Z’s.

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