Makeup Trends to Follow in 2020

Makeup trends keep changing. Some trends may be new, never been tried before, whereas others may just come back in fashion after a decade. In any case, makeup looks good if the latest trends are being applied to it. For example, kohl rimmed eyes look beautiful, but since the no makeup look is trending, kohl rimmed eyes just look out of place and old fashioned. 

Makeup trends can be picked up from television, magazines and the internet. The world is one big global village and whatever is in fashion in one part of the world will spread like wildfire across to the other side. There may be slight cultural differences, but overall, makeup trends are the same around the world. 

Here are a few makeup trends to look forward to in the coming year: 

  • Bare Face

The past few years were about the no-makeup look, but going forward it’s all going to be about being barefaced. This look surfaced on the runway recently, showing models in their true beauty without any artificial cover up or enhancements, and the people loved it. It’s all about going natural in the coming year. 

  • Blush:

A touch of rosy cheeks to give yourself a healthy glow will always be in fashion. Warm peach tones with light peachy lipstick will give you that perfect natural peaches and cream complexion without the over-done look of makeup. The coming year is all about fresh, youthful faces, and this makeup trend is going nowhere. You can put on a light touch of blush for the day or apply it with a slightly harder hand for a night out. Buy your blush online and avail huge discounts through Sephora Promo Code.

  • Fluttery Lashes

After the success of eye lash extensions, makeup artists have gone all out with the lashes. They have created outrageous looks, some of which have been appreciated and will be trending in the coming year. One such lash trend is the fluttery lashes, giving your eye lashes the length and volume of a butterfly’s wings. These make the eyes look doll-like. Again, the way this trend enhances the eyes, gives them an aura of innocence and beauty. You can buy best quality and most in-demand lashes on discounted price via Sephora promo code.

  • Bronze Goddess:

Bare faced with a swipe of bronzer gives you that nymph like dewy look. This look is here to stay in the coming years. Bronzers have been used in every way possible in the last year – over makeup, under makeup, on the face, on the body, and so on. Going forward, a bronzer will be all you need in your makeup bag. You can create this easy look with just one swipe of bronzer across your cheeks and a little bit on your nose and voila! You are a sun kissed goddess in 2020. 

  • Glitter Everywhere:

Glitter has made a comeback and is here to stay in the coming year. The makeup trends are revolving around glitter. All the new palettes have at least two three shades with glitter in them. It can be used on the eyes for that fairy tale look or on the lips for that disco party mode. Glitter is very versatile and can give your look an x factor all on its own. In the coming year, it can be applied to the eyes in dark or light shades. Previously, only metallic colours like gold, silver or bronze were available. Now, you have glitter in all shades of the rainbow and you can easily get glitter liners, eye shadows, lipsticks, powder, cream shadows etc. It has become so easy to apply that even amateurs can create a runway look in no time. 

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